We are a family group of primary consultants and practising teachers, pulling on the wealth of experience of not only ourselves, but other teachers we work closely with.  We ensure we use tried and tested lessons and resources using a variety of fun, active ideas with learning at the heart.

Experienced Primary School teachers with a wealth of experience across the whole Primary age range.

Claire Hubbard

Founder & Director of The Teach Hub

Claire is a Primary Teacher and Primary Teacher Consultant. She started teaching in 1988 and has had a wealth of experience across numerous schools including Key Stage lead and Deputy Head Teacher. She has worked as a Primary Maths Consultant for Stoke-on-Trent and as a Primary English Consultant for Staffordshire. Claire is currently working part-time as a Primary School intervention teacher and focuses on English Reading and Writing skills.  She delivers English training to Primary teachers and Teaching Assistants across the UK including Staffordshire, Northamptonshire, Bedford, Manchester and Derbyshire as a freelance consultant: focusing on areas such as SPaG, Moderation, Phonics, Whole Class Reading and much more.  She also works as a KS1 and KS2 Moderator Manager, with her own Year 2 classes recently being moderated. Much of her spare time is now taken up developing resources and courses. She has recently supported both Penguin Publishers in their Learn with Ladybird series and also BBC Bitesize phonics as their Educational Consultant. She has written her own phonics programme: ‘The Teach Hub Letters and Sounds’.

Amy Gilbert

Amy is an experienced Primary School teacher and ECT mentor in Staffordshire, teaching mainly in Year Six. She has had recent experience of teaching in an International School in Mallorca. She enjoys using a variety of high-quality texts to plan units of work to blend reading and writing in her English lessons and she has extremely positive lesson observations. Over the last two academic years, Amy’s focus has been on delivering intervention sessions with students from Key Stage One to Key Stage Three in order to make accelerated progress in English and Maths. Amy also develops and edits resources for The Teach Hub, and develops the website.

Louise Walmsley

Louise is a recently retired experienced Primary Teacher who is now enjoying working as a tutor and a Mathematics consultant.  She has worked in Primary Education since 1988: both in the classroom and as a local authority Mathematics consultant from 2008 to 2012 where she supported teachers across Staffordshire.  During her time in the Primary classroom, Louise was a lead maths teacher for the Local Authority where she demonstrated lessons in her own classroom to visiting teachers on a regular basis.  As a consultant, she supported subject leaders, individual teachers and led teacher training across a range of Mathematical areas.  She has had experience teaching across the whole of the Primary age range and has been the subject leader for Mathematics and Computing as well as Key Stage Two lead. She has recently taken on a part-time role of teaching adults with Special Educational Needs to read, write and understand numbers.

Jen Sadler

Jen leads a number of established and new courses within The Teach Hub as an English Consultant. She is an experienced teacher, who has taught for over 15 years, and is also an experienced English Lead in both Key Stage One and Two. Currently, she is a part-time Year One and Two teacher at a private school, leading CPD and English across the school.

Katie Wainwright

Katie has been a teacher for 11 years. Her experience of teaching is mainly in Key Stage One and she currently teaches Year One on a part-time basis after having her daughter. She is ‘ Writing and Key Stage One’ Lead within her school and she has been a Key Stage One moderator for Walsall Local Authority for 5 years. Katie also has experience as Whole School Reading Lead but she moved away from this role when returning to school part-time. Katie works with The Teach Hub to share her EYFS and KS1 expertise with a wider audience.

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