Letters and Sounds Phonics Recovery Y1-Y3 Online Course 28th June 2021 4-6 pm


Letters and Sounds Phonics Workshop

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Due to the recent years of disruptive learning, some of our KS1 and Lower Key Stage Two children could have some concerning gaps in their phonics knowledge.  As the use of phonics is heavily emphasised in our National Curriculum, there could be a need in your school to fill in some of those gaps across these year groups and to perhaps attempt to accelerate the learning of skills and knowledge.

This course presents ideas, activities and strategies to try and support these gaps in learning using a flexible route, to aid phonics recovery; to allow for the application of skills in both reading and spelling; and to focus on the main areas of revision, review and consolidation. It focuses on encouraging the use of a spiral curriculum to support spelling strategies, through an understanding of reasoning for the letter patterns and spelling rules, building on prior knowledge.

Included in the price: complete outline planning for the ‘normal’ academic years from EY-KS1; 21 PowerPoints (one set of 7 for Y1, Y2 and Y3); assessment sheets; the complete high frequency and tricky word lists from Letters and Sounds in Phases as a PowerPoint; and The Teach Hub Phonic Charts from EYFS to UKS2. (Resources are worth £20).

Y1 – extra focus on Phase 2 and 3 before reinforcing/starting Phase 4 and starting Phase 5

Y2 – extra focus on Phase 5 and using Phase 4 structures to support Phase 5 graphemes linked to the Phonics Screening Check

Y3 – extra focus on Phase 5 graphemes, Y2 graphemes (from the National Curriculum), new GPCs for Y3 and a set of 8 statutory words to study with links to etymology, morphology and word relations where appropriate.

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