Phonic Screening Check Word Bank Y1 and Y2


A bank of words from the Phonic Screening Checks 2012-2019

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This is a collation of all the words used in each phonic screening check from 2012-2019 to support the Y1 and Y2 pupils with revision of real and pseudo words prior to the phonic screening check. There are 4 PowerPoints with each slide showing a single word. We have built different slide sets to accomodate the Year 2 teachers that will be carrying out the check with their classes in Autumn 2, 2020, where they will want to omit the words from the one they chose to use (2017, 2018 or 2019 only).

Each slide set is totally editable.  We have added in the word structure taken from the ‘Assessment framework for the development of the Year 1 phonic screening check 2017’, showing how each set of words is built up (e.g. CVC, CVVC, CCVC, CCVC, etc, where double-underlined letters represent digraphs, and so on).  These slides are not intended to be used to teach to the test which is why test year group words have been omitted, but to expose the pupils to a variety of words using similar structures for assessment and teaching purposes.  These do not cover the whole phonics curriculum.

  1. Full bank of all words
  2. Full bank of all words with the 2017 words removed.
  3. Full bank of all words with the 2018 words removed.
  4. Full bank of all words with the 2019 words removed.

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