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Reading Warm ups for Y2 using KS1 Reading Domains Autumn Term B


Sets of editable oral reading skills per week for 7 weeks.

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Year 2 – Seven sets of editable oral reading skills per week for 7 weeks – based on a couple of sentences or a single paragraph. (PowerPoint).  Each reading domain is used to revise the skills from one week to the next. Skills (one for each slide) include: visualisation, vocabulary, prediction, clarification, inference, retrieval and sequencing.  

We have ordered the reading domains based on which skills we feel would be the most appropriate, but they can easily be moved around. A focus domain could be used from one text to another, all depending on the need of your cohort. These should lead your cohort nicely from Autumn A of the previous half term, to Autumn B, using the reading skills learned last half term.

We use these as warm ups to our reading lessons or at any time we have a free moment to keep those skills sharp!