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Spelling Activities and Support Years 1-6


Spelling Activities and resources for Years 1 to 6.

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A selection of activities and resources taken from ‘The Teach Hub’ SPaG courses to support the learning of spellings in the Primary School.  Included are listed activities matching the National Curriculum requirements for spellings in each year group; Common Exception Words for Year 1 and 2 listed according to their phonic patterns; Statutory word lists for Years 3 and 4, 5 and 6 listed according to their phonic patterns; Word Investigation sheets for KS1 and KS2;  Two Spelling Rainbow Choices sheet to practise spellings and the Spelling Zapper sheets.

Spelling Zappers – individual cards with room for nine personalised spellings.  The pupils learn how to spell the words using the Rainbow Spelling sheet ideas and when they can spell one, they ‘zap’ a corner of the box where the word is written with a ‘z’.   They then move to the next word and zap each one as they learn to spell it.  They can work with a partner if they choose and can test each other.  Each word must be zapped in each of the four corners before the whole word can be ‘zapped’. When all nine words have been ‘zapped’ the whole card can be zapped with a huge Z and a new card given (see pictures for further explanation).  Examples shown are from my Year 2 class, but they can be used in all classrooms.