Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar for Upper Key Stage Two – Online Course 27th June 1-3pm


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Course for Years Five and Six

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This Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar course for Year Five and Six is designed to support teachers, NQTs, RQTs, teachers changing year groups and Teaching Assistants with the teaching of spelling, punctuation and grammar in line with the National Curriculum statutory requirements. It teaches the subject knowledge and understanding needed to teach these skills along with the application of the use in everyday writing. It explores the three areas with distinct links to age-appropriate texts in order to put the teaching in context. This course covers two academic years.

Many resources (over 55!) are included in the price of the course that are completely unique to ‘The Teach Hub’.  These will enable you to have a starting point of ideas to enhance your teaching and will be accessible after attendance using an online password.

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