Teaching Reading to Upper Key Stage Two – Online Course 26th October 7-9pm

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Teaching Reading Course for Years Five and Six

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This informative and practical course is designed to support Year 5 and 6 teachers, Year 5 and 6 Phase Leaders, HLTAs and teaching assistants. The aim is to provide staff with guidance about how to ensure children achieve age-related and greater depth expectations. The training will give a range of practical activities and resources to take away to enhance the teaching and learning of reading.

This course is led by Jenni Sadler – Jen is an experienced teacher, who has taught in both Key Stage 1 and 2. Currently, she is Lead Practitioner, leading CPD and support for recently qualified teachers and NQTs. Jen currently teaches part-time in Upper Key Stage Two and also leads an English team across her own school. She has written English resources for The Teach Hub and delivers training alongside Claire Hubbard.

Course Content

  • Planning the Y5 and 6 reading curriculum in line with the National Curriculum expectations
  • How to achieve age-related expectations in Y5 and 6
  • How to achieve greater depth expectations in Y5 and 6
  • Information about high-quality texts to use to support the teaching of reading
  • Guidance about effective teaching and learning strategies, including the use of whole class reading
  • Exploring reading for pleasure

We have included resources, including some from other websites/authors, to support the teaching of reading.  These resources have been found useful by teachers on our training courses and all authors are all acknowledged as far as possible.  Please let us know if you feel anything needs amending.

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