Teaching Spelling using Phonics online course for schools booking request form


Teaching Spelling using Phonics online training for schools request form.

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Overview of training:

This course is designed to support Primary School staff with the teaching of spellings using phonics as one of the main strategies, as outlined in the DFE Letters and Sounds document used by many schools in Key Stage One.

Many teachers lack confidence in the application of phonics, yet this is key to bridging the gap between Key Stage One and Two, to developing an understanding of spelling and why words are written as they are.

This course supports staff in the teaching and learning of spellings whilst using phonics in everyday writing. It explores the vocabulary used in phonics; how to articulate the sounds; the four parts to a daily spelling session; games, activities and investigations; the many and varied ways to spell different sounds and making the correct choices (GPCs); and how to help children understand the mechanics of spelling using morphology and etymology.

1.5 -2 hours with breaks (prices vary according to the number of attendants)

Using the Zoom platform

Course Content:

  • Phonic and spelling subject knowledge basics in KS1 and KS2
  • The 6 Phases of Phonics and beyond
  • The importance of phonics, morphology and etymology when teaching and applying spelling
  • Using Phonic Charts to improve spelling
  • Spelling expectations in KS2
  • Using Spelling investigations


Please download the course details flyer and the training request form to book the above course for your school and return it to us as soon as possible.  Thank you.