Year 3 and 4 Spelling modules 1-21Year 3 and 4 Spelling modules 1-21

Teaching Spellings including Phonics in the Primary School Unit Three (Year 3 and 4) Modules 1-21


The third module for ‘Teaching Spellings including Phonics in the Primary School’  for Year 3/4+ teachers.

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This is Unit 3 – Year Three and Four (age 7-9 years) –  the third module for ‘Teaching Spellings including Phonics in the Primary School’ to show how the use of phonics and word knowledge underpins good spelling understanding.

This set of PowerPoints takes you through the subject knowledge for teaching spellings in Year Three and Four making links to vowels, consonants, syllables, graphemes, suffixes and prefixes.  It shows the reasons why words are spelled that way and how word study can help us to remember spelling patterns.  It consists of 21 modules, one for each spelling element of the National Curriculum. Each module has a set of linked animated PowerPoint Slides.  These slides can be used either as subject knowledge for staff, in the classroom for children, or both.  They are editable to change things as you wish.

Unit 1 – Year 1 (age 5-6 years) available

Unit 2 – Year 2 (age 6-7 years) available

Unit 4 – Years 5 and 6 (age 9-11 years) available soon

This unit is written by Claire Hubbard: Primary English Consultant for The Teach Hub,  and Entrust, Staffordshire.  Claire is a highly experienced and knowledgeable Primary English Consultant, currently working across many counties via Zoom, supporting numerous schools both nationally and internationally. She works as both a Key Stage One and Key Stage Two Moderator and has supported many schools in this role.  She is the Managing Director of ‘The Teach Hub’  – a Primary Teaching online and resource company, and she regularly delivers varied Primary English training to schools.  She is also a part-time Year Two teacher, intervention teacher for Year 1 and usually delivers Whole Class Reading demonstrations to teachers from other schools each term.

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