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The Teach Hub Letters and Sounds High Frequency words and Common Exception Words Lists and PowerPoint


High Frequency word list and PowerPoint for KS1 linked to Letters and Sounds



A 420+ slide PowerPoint of all the High Frequency words linked to Letters and Sounds within Phases.  Each list is colour coded for ease of recognition and is divided into decodable and tricky words.  The robust list of all of the Letters and Sounds first 100 and second 200 high frequency words that link directly to where they fit with the Common Exception Words for Years 1 and 2 is included for record keeping. The chart shows where they fit in with each phase, the tricky words and when they should be taught as reading or as spelling words. It also shows the Common Exception Words that are not in the high frequency word lists.  We find it useful to know as teachers to see where they all fit together and which words are in both lists.  The Common Exception words are listed as examples in the National Curriculum Spelling sections and are not statutory, but it’s good to know which ones are useful to teach and when.