The Teach Hub Letters and Sounds Phonics Phase 5c PowerPoints and Task sheets Week 21


Phase 5c Phonics PowerPoints and task sheets for Week 21 linked to Letters and Sounds.


Unique to The Teach Hub: Phonics Planning overview and 5 x PowerPoints plus task sheets for Phase 5c Week 21. These are linked to Letters and Sounds, but the skills are transferable to any phonic scheme used.

Week 21

/y/ /z/ /qu/ /sh/ /ch/ /th/ /ng/

Revise suffixes <ing> <ed> <s> and <es>

HFW and CEW: reading and spelling Phase 2, 3 and 4 words, spelling looked, called

Phoneme spotter story /igh/ Could I?


Includes the Teach Hub phonic chart and tricky words.

Practise blending and segmenting, reading and spelling words and sentences, using newly acquired sounds and The Teach Hub icons.  All these resources are editable.

Phases 2, 3, 4, 5a and 5b also available.