Whole Class Reading online course for schools booking request form


Whole Class Reading online training for schools request form.

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Overview of training:

Teaching Reading as Whole Class enables every pupil to access high-quality texts, immersing all pupils in high-quality children’s literature.  Pupils are motivated by reading skills challenges as they improve their fluency, comprehension and engagement with a text.  More time is spent teaching reading skills to the whole class, leading to better reading outcomes and greater enjoyment of reading for all.

An informative and practical course that is aimed at English Subject Leaders, Primary School teachers and Senior Leadership team members.

1.5 -2 hours (prices vary according to the number of attendants)

Using the Zoom platform

Course Content:

  • To understand the key principles behind Whole Class Reading
  • To understand how to adapt the teaching of reading comprehension skills to suit the text and the pupil’s needs
  • to understand the scaffolding of questions to support all learners
  • To familiarise pupils with the question types and Reading Domains in formal Reading assessments
  • To understand the importance of teaching vocabulary in a meaningful, contextual way
  • To improve the transition of ambitious vocabulary from reading into writing
  • To investigate activities and games to use during Whole Class Reading sessions to support the use of Reading Domains
  • To discuss and support the assessment of reading
  • To have access to a wide range of resources and planning to support the teaching of Whole Class Reading within a Reading Learning Journey
  • To plan activities based on reading comprehension with support from the course tutor


Please download the course flyer for more information and the training request form to book a Whole Class Reading course for your school and return it to us.  Thank you.