Yr 4 Whole Class Reading The Firework Maker’s Daughter


Lila knows that she wants to follow in her father’s footsteps, so she heads off alone on a journey – a journey filled with dangers to find out the secrets of being a Firework Maker.

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Whole Class Reading fiction resources and planning for Year 4, in a zip file based on the first two chapters (up to page 31) of Philip Pullman’s  ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter. Vocabulary, Visualising, Retrieval, Clarification, Inference, Prediction and Summarising are covered in this unit. Lila travels on a difficult and dangerous journey in search of the final Firework-Making secret. She will learn so much more than the secret she set to find out…

In this pack you will find 2 x whole class lessons (an hour long focus – or you can split it into separate days); an editable PowerPoint presentation; vocabulary focus; full planning using the KS2 Reading Domains; and the task sheets (scaffolded twice) all ready to print.

The original book is needed to complete the unit.