Yr 2 Whole Class Reading Vlad and the Space Race


Strelka and Vlad are living on the streets in Moscow before being taken on an adventure of a lifetime.  A true story about some of the first animals in space.

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Whole Class Reading resources and planning for Year 2, in a zip file based on Kate Cunningham’s ‘Vlad and the Space Race’. This book will link well to the Year 2 curriculum and could link to the Year 2 History Curriculum of knowing how to use books and the internet to find out about the past and could make links to describing a place outside Europe. Inference, retrieval, sequencing, clarification, questioning and prediction skills are all covered in this unit.  This unit could easily be extended into numerous more lessons including many incidental writing opportunities for descriptive settings, diary writing and letters.  The book has endless possibilities and as it is based on a true story, and it has many facets of information to explore.

In this pack you will find 2 x whole class lessons (an hour-long for each – or you can split them); an editable PowerPoint presentation; vocabulary focus; full planning using the KS1 Reading Domains; numerous tasks for you to choose from; and the word document texts that we used – all ready to print.

You will need to purchase this book to complete the unit.

Also available: ‘Vlad and the Great Fire of London’ and ‘Vlad and the Florence Nightingale Adventure’ by Kate Cunningham: both with accompanying Whole Class Reading Units of work for Year 2.