Phonics and Spelling

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Teaching Spellings using Phonics KS1 and KS2

If any of my teacher friends need any support for spelling, I can’t recommend this course enough (produced by a specialist teacher/consultant at my school). Spellings are one of the main areas which are holding children back in writing. In order for children to get a good grasp of this and avoid forming bad habits, us as teachers need to get to grips with it too… starting right from the beginning. Take a look! 👀👍🏻✏️
It was by far the most informative and exciting course to date. We were buzzing. It will help so much with the kids that have the gaps in the phonics and the day-to-day assisting with spellings and writing – brilliant strategies from self-checking techniques to new ways for individuals to learn their own spellings so they don’t make the same mistakes.
J Adams – Really good KS2 Phonics/Spelling session today. It was really informative with lots of ideas for me to put into my practice. I would highly recommend.
S Gregory – Completed a spelling and phonics course and found it really useful. I have recently taken on English lead and learned lots about spelling rules in a short space of time. Subject knowledge was excellent and the resources provided look great. I can’t wait to try out ideas when school is back to normal.
H Victoria – Over the past couple of weeks, I have taken part in some of the Teach Hub’s Zoom courses – Spelling using Phonics and Whole Class Reading. I would thoroughly recommend both. Excellent resources were provided by Claire and Amy. Their subject knowledge is fantastic. I’m looking forward to using my new knowledge and skills in the classroom.

Phonics – Early Years to Key Stage One


L Wallace –   Attended the EYFS and KS1 Phonics course tonight and I must say that it was brilliant! As an NQT teaching a mixed Y1/2 class in September, I was terrified about teaching my two year groups Phonics & Spelling! I feel so much more confident now & am actually excited to start my planning tomorrow! The resources provided are fantastic too! I couldn’t recommend this Zoom training course more. Thank you so much, Claire & Amy 😊

D Harrington – A fantastic training course last night. Valuable for both teachers who are new to phonics or teachers who would like to build their confidence and subject knowledge. As a Year 2 teacher facing the phonics screening check I found the session invaluable. Claire and Amy made me feel at ease and comfortable in the session. The small group helped aid discussion and sharing of ideas and knowledge. A fantastic course with lots of useful resources provided. Thank you for a fantastic session and the support given.

A Emma – EY-KS1 Phonics One of the most useful training courses I have been on!! Thank you for your help, it has given me some great phonics ideas for my class and ways to help and support them I wouldn’t have thought of!! Thank you again!

M Sargent – I have just attended this course. It was fantastic and will be really useful when I go back to school. As a Phonics lead, this will help me to support the staff in ks2 which was my main aim for doing this course. The information given was so detailed but easy to follow and it was great to be able to speak to others in the ‘breakout room’. I can’t believe how many resources you have provided and they will be well used. I highly recommend doing this course. Thank you for providing your time and expertise.

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