The Teach Hub has its unique phonic scheme of work linked to Letters and Sounds.  We have developed the scheme to match the National Curriculum expectations for both phonics and spelling.  Our scheme includes:

  • Full overview mapping document of coverage from EYFS to end of Key Stage One
  • Phonics and Spelling teaching and desk charts for EYFS, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two
  • Weekly units of work for Phase 2 to Phase 6 that include a teaching overview, revision, oral blending, teaching objective, word examples, segmenting, blending, handwriting, reading and spelling practice, pseudoword practice, sound button practice, daily PowerPoint (or PDF) and task sheet (if applicable)
  • High-frequency words listed within phases, linked to the Common Exception words from the National Curriculum
  • Common Exception words linked to phonic structures
  • Assessment trackers (paper-based and electronic) and task sheets for each phase for reading and spelling
  • Phonic Screening Check coverage and words listed in word structure order
  • Flashcards and wall cards for each Phase including word examples

Please click the link below for more detail:

The Teach Hub Letters and Sounds Phonics Progression Overview

The Teach Hub offers a variety of phonics resources linked to the courses.  We have a unique set of Phonic Charts to show how the National Curriculum Spellings link directly to phonics using the rarer Grapheme-Phoneme Correspondences (GPC).

We have also developed courses to support our scheme and to demonstrate how we can teach spellings using phonics in both Key Stage One and Two.

The resources below are purchasable without membership to The Teach Hub Letters and Sounds. If you would like to purchase the membership for full access to the programme, please visit The Teach Hub Letters and Sounds tab.

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