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DfE Phonics Validation – Applied for

We submitted an application to the Dfe for Phonics Validation in October 2021 and were found to have most of the criteria to become validated.  They went on to encourage us to resubmit with some amendments and we have resubmitted our programme to the panel and expect a decision in September 2022.  If you have already purchased our programme, we will send you a link to our subscription site in the Autumn Term.  The cost of the entire scheme is £395 via a membership subscription and is yours to access via the website as a school.  An annual recurring subscription of £100 will then take place.   Please see our Terms and Conditions when purchasing our Programme.

Two schools using The Teach Hub phonics programme recently had an OFSTED inspection (April and May 2022) and were praised for how well the programme was used across the school and how their phonetically decodable reading books matched the programme using a range of Publishers. OFSTED enjoyed the structure of the lessons and noted that the subject knowledge was embedded across the school.

“The school’s phonics programme is well planned and helps children make a quick start learning to read. Staff are well trained and regularly check what the children can remember. Books are well matched to the letter sounds pupils know. Pupils develop a love of stories and poems and can talk confidently about the stories they like.”

Here is a link to an interesting video from Lesley Clarke discussing how to choose a phonics programme to avoid costly mistakes:

Lesley Clarke’s Blog

Why choose ‘The Teach Hub Letters and Sounds’?

  • Meets Department for Education validation of systematic synthetic phonics programmes criteria.
  • Compatible with 2007 Letters & Sounds.
  • Designed by currently practising teachers, teaching assistants and English Consultants, holding years of phonics experience.
  • A unique organisation of Letters and Sounds pathways, particularly at Phase 5, including our own images, actions and ditties for the simple and alternative graphemes.
  • Complete systematic synthetic phonics programme (SSP).
  • Comprehensive and editable fully resourced planning for daily direct teaching sessions.
  • Cumulatively covers all major grapheme-phoneme correspondences (GPCs) in the English language with revision and recapping each week.
  • Planning, PowerPoints, task sheets and ideas for games for identifying, blending and segmenting graphemes within a structured, routine that has been proven successful.
  • Assessments provided for each phase with individual monitoring and tracking sheets to cater for the lowest attaining 20% of children.
  • Excel Assessment tracker – unique to The Teach Hub.  This will calculate % on track and highlight those needing support once the data is entered.
  • Flashcards and Wall display cards provided with those needed displayed on the PowerPoints or PDFs.
  • First 300 High-Frequency words (as in Letters and Sounds) taught in phase order for reading and spelling, using phonics to teach these wherever applicable.
  • Tricky words  constantly revisited and link directly to the texts used for reading.
  • Links to popular and comprehensive book series:  Collins Big Cat Phonics,  alongside Lesley Clarke’s original, unique and exciting Phonic Poems, Riddles and Fantastic Facts.
  • Texts relating specifically to Phase 5a and 5b where other schemes are sometimes lacking.
  • More texts added to the programme as they become available.
  • Support materials for the Phonic Screening Check.
  • Tried and tested with success in our trial schools.
  • Free Introductory training bespoke to the school.
  • Two free places to further phonics training with every school purchase.
  • Further bespoke training can be arranged for schools. depending on need,  designed by a phonics expert with 33+ years experience.
  • Provides a range of phoneme/grapheme charts and alternative grapheme icons up to Upper Key Stage Two to provide support for teaching spellings linked to phonics.
  • Full teacher guidance and notes for delivering The Teach Hub programme online, as well as videos for actions, handwriting support, catch-up support and mixed-aged class support (KS1).
  • Parent and Carer support and information.
  • A range of fonts used – both editable and PDF versions.
  • Support for the Phonics Screening Check.
  • Intervention materials
  • Catch up materials
  • Challenge materials for the more able
  • Video of actions linked to the phonic sounds demonstrated by Reception and Year One children alongside explanations.

Lesley Clarke Synthetic Phonics

Please click the above link to access the texts matched to our Letters and Sounds programme.

Collins Big Cats Phonics (not Little Wandle versions)

  • With our most grateful thanks to the children of Manor Primary, Tamworth, Staffordshire, particularly to Ruben, Adeline and Phoebe, for excellently and expertly demonstrating The Teach Hub phonics actions for us.

Ruben, Adeline and Phoebe

Some recent comments from our phonics trial schools: 

  • The children can do it!  They can read the words and love the structure.
  • We love the consistency and our staff feel more confident with better subject knowledge.
  • The children really enjoy the ‘You say, I say’
  • The teachers’ subject knowledge has significantly improved.
  • The screening check showed the children were way above where they normally were.
  • It is really easy and clear to follow.
  • The children are really enjoying the resources and loved the fact they could just read their reading books!
  • My lesson observation was great – the SLT were really pleased with the children’s progress.
  • We love the alien words every day – they remember them and can blend unknown words much more easily now.  
  • The planning is fantastic – it tells us how to carry out the lesson, but allows the flexibility if we need it to match the current needs of the children.
  • We love the fact that we can adapt and amend the PowerPoints and task sheets to suit the children or the font we use in school.  
  • We are now in a much better position to teach phonics than we were before.
  • The children are retaining the phonemes and graphemes really well.  
  • This term, we have seen the children more confident and used to the format of the session. They are aware of what will come next and are more confident to explain their phonics learning. We have seen a huge impact on the phonics being taught across EYFS & KS1.
  • We like the updates on the Phase 2 PowerPoints too which have been really useful and the extra activities provided.

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