Whole Class Reading Courses

Key Stage One and Two

Date:  Tuesday 30th June 2020

Venue: Ridgeway Primary School, Grange Rd, Burntwood WS7 4TU     (Map link)

Time: 9:00pm-12:00pm

Cost: £80

Please quote the course code: TTHWCRR

Course Leader: Claire Hubbard

Course Content

  • To understand the key principles behind Whole Class Reading
  • To understand how to adapt the teaching of reading comprehension skills to suit the text and the pupil’s needs
  • to improve fluency and comprehension when reading at speed
  • to understand the scaffolding of questions to support all learners
  • To familiarise pupils with the question types and Reading Domains in formal Reading assessments
  • To understand the importance of teaching vocabulary in a meaningful, contextual way
  • To improve the transition of ambitious vocabulary from reading into writing
  • To investigate activities and games to use during Whole Class Reading sessions to support the use of Reading Domains
  • To discuss and support the assessment of reading
  • To have access to a wide range of resources and planning to support the teaching of Whole Class Reading within a Reading Learning Journey
  • To plan activities based on reading comprehension with support from the course tutor

Nb Delegates will need to bring a book with them that they would like to use when teaching reading to use during a group workshop.

Bookings can be made by contacting editor@theteachhub.co.uk



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