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I would also like to add how pleased I am with the resources that I have ordered so far. I came across your website via Facebook and I feel really positive that our guided reading sessions are more focussed and varied. We are now reading the Giraffe the Pelly and me as our class reading book after doing your plans because the children enjoyed the extracts so much. I have just started to use the maths 5 a day tasks to help with fluency and they are fantastic.

Well I’ve had so many comments about how my children are reading with fluency and expression now!

My class has come on in leaps and bounds since using your resources. The discussions we have, focus and understanding are amazing. We had the best lesson this week using your elephant resources as part of our Africa topic.

Thank you ever so much, your resources are amazing, a great help and the children love them :) so relieved you could send them to me what an amazing service.

I’ve just started whole class reading this year with a mixed Year 3 and 4  class-wide range of abilities. We’ve started with some Hubbard Consultancy files – has differentiated sheets, all with the same questions just different degrees of scaffolding. Also, you don’t need multiple copies of the book!

Have a look at Hubbard Consultancy.  We’ve moved away from a carousel to the whole class and it’s been amazing! The plans are excellent and are £3 for 2 weeks. I’ve seen a huge improvement in all attainment groups and no other adults needed.

The children enjoyed the activities, the challenges and they loved the book.  I liked the cross-curriculum activity of looking after the earth and using the key vocabulary in their own sentences.  The guided reading sessions were extremely well scaffolded, and I found it very easy and clear to follow.  A well thought through study of work.  Excellent planning Teach Hub!!

We just wanted to let you know what a massive impact your WCR CPD had for us. We have already been able to implement across school many of the resources you shared with us and as a result, we now have a far more connected approach. We have been able to apply the lesson plan that you outlined to all of Key Stage One and Two so it is a familiar process to all our children with the appropriate level of challenge at each stage. This process has helped increase the range of vocabulary to which are children are exposed and the range of reading techniques suit all types of learner. We have also purchased some of your WCR units and found them to be incredibly helpful – a definite for reducing our workload!

(Holly Grove Primary School, Staffs)

Ruth Katherine: I just wanted to thank Claire and Amy for the WCR course I attended on Zoom the other day. It was clear from the training that both Claire and Amy have an in-depth knowledge of both the process of WCR as well as being highly skilled and experienced at teaching this approach in a classroom setting. As a Headteacher I found it incredibly useful to be able to gain an overview of the rationale behind the programme. The explanations given clearly set the scene for WCR and how it aligns with the taught curriculum and within current assessment frameworks. From a leadership perspective this was reassuring to hear and answered some of my questions regarding the ‘why’ and ‘what’ steps a school would need to take to move from a carousel approach. It was evident that both Claire and Amy not only enjoy books but also have a wealth of knowledge about children’s authors. It was also clear through their explanations that, as current classroom teachers, they have a good working knowledge of WCR and they were able to talk honestly about both the benefits and challenges of this approach. The practical elements of the course involved exploring how a series of WCR sessions could be run and the way in which they are planned and managed within different classroom settings. Claire modelled some of the teaching approaches and opportunities were also available to then talk with other professionals. A wide range of resources were used and shared, during the session, to explain what is available to support the implementation of WCR throughout the primary phase. A thoroughly enjoyable and informative session. I would highly recommend it to both whole schools / Key Stages for a group CPD session or for individuals wishing to deepen their understanding of WCR. Thank you Claire and Amy.

S Owen: Clare Hubbard is a brilliant teacher and my son, Max is in her class at Pirehill. He has really enjoyed these live videos with her and was joining in as if he was in class with her. I would recommend these to all parents and children.

L Greenald: I recently took part in an online Whole Class reading course. The resources sent out before the course were fantastic and will be of great use in the planning of WCR. Clare and Amy both facilitated the lesson very well, answering any questions and giving great ideas. Then to top it off we have been given a free wcr unit to use in class as well as access to other resources online. I am really looking forward to getting back to the classroom to use them.

J Williams: I recently attended the whole class guided reading course. it was well run and organised. Claire and Amy both had exceptional knowledge on the subject and a clear passion. The resources made available for attending the course are really useful. I have looked through the website and there are even more amazing resources I can’t wait to purchase. Looking forward to the next course.

K Steele: I have been to a whole class reading demonstration taught by Clare which was incredibly useful. I’ve since used many of the high quality units from the Hubbard Consultancy website. My class have loved them and they have aided my teaching of specific reading skills. Thank you Claire and team!

A Fisher: Couldn’t agree more, Kat Steele! I trialled it in Y2 and now our whole school is using it – they’re perfect. Y2 now have a whole year’s worth of units now!

Thank you so much. Today was fab. For the first time in a long time I came away inspired and enthused to get cracking! Have recommended we do more Staffordshire training to my head. We have done Cheshire East only for years but today was so much more informative. Thank you!

L Jane: Having recently participated in a Whole Class Reading webinar, I would like to highly recommend this company. The literature received prior to and following the meeting is of a very high standard. The training was well pitched, informative and useful and I am delighted to have received a free unit of work to share with my Year Ones next week. Thank you to the team behind this.

L Armstrong: Whole Class Reading session today. So useful and the absolute wealth of resources we have been given is outstanding! Highly recommend! Thank you so much!

I just wanted to say that today’s course was one of the most useful courses that I have been on in a long, long time. I have not ‘met’ Claire before and her knowledge and many tips were very well received.

WCR Feedback  Feb 2022

Just a sample of our reading progress ( Although I’m sure you have plenty) I have had my Lower readers in Yr 2 improve in reading age from 4.9 to 7.6    5.1 to 7.3    5.2 to  8.2   since September – and there are more. I have not had this progress before in such a short space of time. They are progressing well on their book bands and I very much hope to get them to purple as ARE. Delighted, but most of all that these children will not be disadvantaged as they move to Yr 3 and are able to access their reading curriculum. It’s just nice to feel something’s going well when so often there are such challenges. I feel The Teach Hub Guided reading has played a key part in this. Thanks again.   Kim

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