Primary English Courses led by The Teach Hub

Claire Hubbard is a highly experienced and knowledgeable Primary English Consultant and Teacher, who has been teaching and training for over 33 years. She is currently working across many counties and internationally, supporting numerous schools. She works as both a Key Stage One and Key Stage Two Moderator and has delivered support and training in this role for many years. She is the Managing Director of ‘The Teach Hub’, a Primary Teaching online training and resource company and has recently worked with BBC Bitesize as their adviser on their new Phonics programme, and Penguin House Publishing (Ladybird books) with their new ‘Learn with Ladybird’ activity books. She is also a current part-time Year Two teacher who has been successfully moderated herself many times.

The Teach Hub’ provides a host of tried and tested editable unique resources to support any courses delivered. They work as a team that includes: Amy, an Upper Key Stage Two teacher; Louise, a Lower Key Stage Two teacher; and Jen, an experienced Key Stage Two teacher and Associate Consultant, working to support the Greater Depth expectations in both reading and writing in her own school.

The Teach Hub has now produced their own Phonics Scheme and is applying for accreditation in October 2021.

Please see our online calendar for course dates and availability : Calendar

The Teach Hub team has dates available for INSET, twilights and half-day training sessions, both face-to-face and online for the following areas:

Whole Class Reading

Teaching Spellings using Phonics KS1-KS2

Phonics from EY-KS1 using Letters and Sounds


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Reading and Writing at Expected standard including Greater Depth for KS1, LKS2 and also UKS2

Teaching Reading

Moderation  – Key Stage One and Key Stage Two

Moderation Evidence Collection – Key Stage One and Key Stage Two

Teaching Reading – Decoding and Fluency

Reading Deep Dive

Phonics Deep Dive

Phonics Workshop – structure and ideas

Phonics Recovery for Y1, 2 and 3




Current dates for Autumn Term Online Courses 2021

Whole Class Reading

Monday 15th November 1-3pm

Whole Class Reading ‘Taking It Further’ – Tuesday 2nd November 1-3pm

Phonics Deep Dive

Monday 8th November 1-3pm

The Teach Hub Letters and Sounds Taking Phonics into Reading

Monday 22nd November 1-3pm

End of Key Stage Moderation

Moderation for End of Key Stage One – Monday 6th December 1-3pm

Moderation for End of Key Stage Two – Tuesday 7th December 1-3pm

Moderation Evidence Collection for End of Key Stage One – Monday 10th January 2022

Please visit the course pages for booking details.

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