Do I need an account to purchase your units?

You do not need an account to purchase your units as you can sign out as a guest.  However, if you have a problem with an order or if you want to keep all your purchases together in one place, then having an account will help you to access them and for us to sort out any problems you may encounter

How do I set up an account?

It is easy to set up an account with us.  Just go to My Account on the home page and click on Register. Then just follow the instructions that will then be sent to you via email.

I have forgotten my password.

There is an option on the website to reset your password.  If you are a school user, please ensure that just one person is responsible for this as changing the password by several people at one time will lock the account.  

I have reset my password but still cannot access my purchases.

We will look into this for you.  We will be able to reset the password and send you a new temporary one after testing it works.  

How long do I have to download the purchases? 

The units are available for 365 days after purchase.

Where can I find my order that I have just paid for? 

Our resources are sent out automatically immediately after checking out, via the website to the email the purchaser registered with. If you are having difficulties when downloading our resources, then they may have ended up in the junk/spam/trash folder. If not, sometimes downloading via a phone or an iPad could cause problems. We also have customers who input an incorrect email address and so the orders bounce back to us.  If we spot this problem, we will amend them if we can see the problem and will then send them out again. If we do not spot it or cannot see the problem, just let us know you have not received your order and we will do our best to help. 

I have downloaded my order but now I can’t find it. 

We can easily resend the automated link again from the website, but please let us know the date of the order, name of purchaser, the email used or the order number to help us to locate it. If the email address needs to be amended, please let us know so that we can alter our records. 

I logged in last time but now I cannot access my account. Do I have to pay for them again?

This could be because you logged in as a guest and did not actually set up an account.  We can try to help you to locate your previous purchases to put into a new account if you let us know the details such as order number, dates, etc.   You do not have to pay for them again. 

I logged in as a guest and now cannot find my downloads.  Can I still access them?

We can usually find these for you if you can let us know some details of how you logged in – name, email, order number, etc.  We will then be able to resend them to you.

I have made a new account but would like my previous purchases to also be in this account.  Is this possible?

Yes, it is possible. Please let us know in as much detail as you can, so that we can locate your previous orders and please allow us time to arrange to try and sort this out for you.  

I put the wrong email address into my order and now I cannot find it.

We can change your email address for you if you let us know what you would like it to be changed to.  

Where do I find and download the purchases in my account?

If you click on My Account and then My Downloads, they will all be available there.  Click on the blue box on the right that shows the zip file, and it will download it to your computer. 

Can I have my purchases sent to a different email address?

Yes, you can.  Let us know what you would like to change, and we will try to sort this out for you.

How long can I keep the purchases for?

The units are yours to use as you wish after you have purchased them.

Do you offer discounts or subscriptions?

We are now offering a subscription for our Phonics Programme and hope to expand to offer school subscriptions for the Whole Class Reading products too. We are constantly building our resources and hope to look further into this shortly. 

We also offer 10% discount codes for 4+ Units (wcr for Whole Class Reading and warmup for any warm ups). We offer further discounts for 12+  (wcrs or warmups) or 30+ orders too (wcrs+ or warmups+). Just add the correct code at the checkout. Please see the notes on the Whole Class Reading Bundle pages for more details.

Do you have a customer support service? 

We will always offer advice and support when we can.  The Teach Hub is a working team of current teachers and we run the business in our spare time.  We try our best to get back to you with any problems you may have as soon as we can, but we may be teaching during the day so please be patient with us.

Do you have any affiliations with other companies?

We have affiliations with Amazon links to texts and also when promoting subscriptions. We are able to promote other companies too if they match our principles – just get in touch for a chat.

Can I pay through school invoice for my units? 

Yes.  Please ask permission before opting to pay by school invoice.  We will then email you to arrange a purchase order to be drawn up and payment details agreed. 

Do you provide school discount codes for repeated orders?

Yes. Please contact us directly to discuss this.

Can I access the Password Protected Resources?

Password Protected Resources are only available to those that attend the appropriate ‘The Teach Hub’ courses.  All these resources are time-limited for downloading and must only be used by those with permission to do so and are not to be shared.  

Do you provide a Newsletter to keep us up to date with new resources?

Yes.  All customers will be sent a newsletter at intervals, via the email they entered to purchase items to inform them of new resources and news.  Feel free to contact us if you have anything you would like to share with others, and we can discuss the sharing of your ideas too. 

Can I share my purchases with my school?

No. The units are for use by the purchaser only unless an agreement has already been made with Hubbard Consultancy Limited.  Please see the small print at the bottom of this article.

I want to order many Whole Class Reading units or Warm ups, but it will take ages to select them all.  Is there a quick way of doing this?

Yes. Click on Reading and then the ‘Bundle’ package for the year group that you are interested in and tick the ones you want to put into your basket.  These will then be automatically saved there for you. You can make any additions to these.  Bundles are also set for the Phonics Resources.

Whole Class Reading Units.

Do you provide the texts or text extract with your units and do we need to purchase a class set of books?

Key Stage One

It is against copyright to take and reproduce the text/pictures directly from a published book, so we always try to use our texts for the units based on the original. Sometimes we have direct permission from the publishers or authors to use their work directly. We state this within each unit and inform purchasers that the books linked to each unit will need to be purchased. We always recommend that teachers have a least one copy of the book and read the original text with their children, then switch to the PowerPoint amended version that is based on the original. 

Key Stage Two

The units we use in KS2 do not usually contain texts unless they are picture books, as we feel it is important to use the language and vocabulary as used by the authors. The books linked to the units will need to be purchased to use the units as we also cannot reproduce them due to copyright laws. We do state on the website that the books need to be purchased to complete the units. It would be great if all children could access a copy, even one between two, but this is not always possible.  You can work around the need for needing whole class sets by using online resources ( you could try Kindle) and/or using school copyright licensing to photocopy a small percentage of the texts suggested in the units for educational purposes only.  We have also used the Microsoft app ‘Office Lens’ to take a screenshot of the text on a tablet or phone, and then saved it to Word to edit and format as appropriate.

We do not make units for whole chapter books but tend to use the first one or two chapters only.  This enables the teachers to read on and enjoy the rest of the book as a class read when the unit is complete, or to continue with tasks they have found their class now needs,  or the teacher could encourage the children to read the rest themselves. The part of the book that is covered within the unit is always stated on the website.

Are your products editable?

Yes. Almost everything (not exclusively) you purchase will be editable and adaptable to use in your own school or classroom.  

Are the Whole Class Reading units updated?

Yes.  The whole class reading units are updated from time to time based on feedback and new ideas.  If you would like a unit replaced, please get in contact with us. We can send you newer versions if we have them.  

Do you have a list of reading skills covered in each Whole Class Reading unit? 

Yes.  There is a regularly updated tick list for each Whole Class Reading unit showing the reading skills covered and also a grid for Years 1-6 showing the Programme of Study areas covered. These are updated on the website regularly as new units are added. You can find these on the first page of the Reading tab for each year group. The link below will show the Year One page 

Is there an order to teach the Whole Class Reading units? 

No.  There is no order to teach the units.  We advise the best way to decide which one to teach is to first of all, look at the book to see if it will address your needs, and then look at the reading skills and curriculum coverage. Don’t forget, all reading units are editable, so you can adapt them to your needs. We have lists of curriculum coverage linked to the National Curriculum Programmes of Study and also assessment focuses on the main Reading page for each year group.

How do you choose the texts to use for your units? 

We mainly use recommendations and personal choice, but also use current text lists using research.

Do you take requests for texts to use in Whole Class Reading?

Yes.  Just let us know what you want, and we will put it on our ever-growing list!


Are the warm-ups updated?

The warm-ups are not currently updated – we will alert customers via email if we do update them. They are available for each half term for each year group and the skills are built up cumulatively over the year.  

Why do you only have Maths warm-ups for Key Stage One and not Key Stage Two? 

We feel there are already many websites providing maths warm-ups for Key Stage Two and knew that the Key Stage One ones were working in our own schools and that teachers wanted to use them.

Online Courses

I have missed my course. Can I have a refund or can I reschedule?

Please contact us after reading our Terms and Conditions, at the soonest possible time if you know you are going to find it difficult to attend a pre-booked course. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Can I have a recording of the course?

We do not offer recordings of our courses. Our learning is always changing and our courses are interactive, with the sharing of ideas and discussion being key to their success. Each course is therefore different, according to the needs and experiences of the people who attend them. Each time we work with children, our own learning alters and we feed our experiences back into the courses. We are happy to answer questions via our Facebook page/group and via email whenever we can.

Are your courses rescheduled at other times of the day?

We do try to offer courses to allow some choice of time and to allow our International clients to attend. We do repeat courses at different times, and try to find the optimal times for take-up. Some courses are in the evening and some may be at the weekends. If we offer holiday time training, this will usually be during the day.

Do you offer your online courses to schools for whole school training?

Yes, we do. We can offer discounted prices when training whole schools.

Can we share the training with another school?

You can share the training with another school, if you request this via a booking form and discuss the numbers with us in advance.

Are whole school training courses limited by numbers?

Our training courses are chargeable according to the numbers attending, but they are always negotiable.

Please contact: for any further queries.  

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