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Just One Text KS2 – A Stone for Sascha


A beautiful text with a message for loss – Nothing is ever lost to us as long as we remember it…

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An exciting unit of text-based work that motivates and enthuses pupils to discover more, with great links to a wide range of other curriculum areas in KS2. This unit focuses directly on teaching using ‘Just One Text’ – A Stone for Sascha – a new, magically entrancing wordless book written by Aaron Becker. A high-quality, current text written in 2018 by the author of the wordless trilogy, ‘Journey’, ‘Quest’ and ‘Return’.  It shows the story of a girl coping with the loss of her beloved dog, Sascha.  The story takes you back in time, following the journey of a meteorite through thousands of years until a piece ends up in the girl’s hands.  The story emphasises that nothing is ever forgotten and supports anyone coping with loss.

These materials are based on current practice within our own school’s KS2 classrooms and we have included the extensive 66 slide PowerPoint showing examples of some of our Year 4 writing in some of the lessons. Show your class a few good examples and let them create. This unit can be linked to Whole Class or Guided Reading, providing good opportunities to develop a range of reading skills; incidental writing opportunities; and an overall writing outcome at the end of the unit. The unit starts with a ‘hook’ to entice the pupils in with wonder and awe whilst predicting and inferring both in specific, explicit lessons and as implicit activities to reinforce understanding. The project has filled our pupils with so much enthusiasm- they couldn’t wait to share their work with the author. The unit has a wealth of adaptable,  planning and ideas alongside a complete pack of editable resources and ideas for ICT use. Teaching through a beautiful picture book: making learning accessible to all. Specific links to Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling and Vocabulary at KS2. Cross-Curricular links to History, Geography, Science, Music and Drama using  ‘Just One Text’ – a magical journey through a book…Enjoy!!

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