Quentin the SquirrelQuentin the Squirrel

LKS2 Whole Class Reading Quentin the Squirrel Poetry


It’s time to buckle up, hold on to your hat and fly into the vivid imagination of Pep the Poet.

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Whole Class Reading fiction resources and planning for LKS2, in a zip file based on ‘The Sleep Thief’ and ‘Do Pens Go to Heaven?’ from ‘ Introducing Quentin the Squirrel & his collection of silly poems’ by David Anderson (Pep the Poet). Inside this book you will discover a selection of funny, cheeky and hilarious poems that are great to be read alone or a delight to share with others.

Vocabulary, Clarification and Questioning are covered in this unit. In this pack you will find 2 x whole class lessons (an hour long focus – or you can split it into separate days); an editable PowerPoint presentation; vocabulary focus; full planning using the KS2 Reading Domains; and the task sheets all ready to print.

The original book is needed to complete the unit. If you purchase the book through David Anderson’s (Pep the Poet) website,  https://www.pepthepoet.co.uk/books email hello@pepthepoet.co.uk and mention The Teach Hub, Pep will kindly send you a free PDF version of the purchased book.