Yr 4 Whole Class Reading A Stone for Sascha Week 3 and 4


A beautiful, wordless picture book focusing on the endless cycle of life and how nothing is ever lost or forgotten.

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Weeks 3 and 4 Whole Class Reading resources  and planning for Year 4, in a zip file based on Aaron Becker’s beautiful wordless book ‘A Stone for Sascha’ (author of the extremely popular ‘Journey’ trilogy). Vocabulary, Prediction, Summarising, Questioning, Clarification and Retrieval are all covered in this unit. Teaching children how to answer different question types using popular texts will greatly enhance their enjoyment of reading and understanding.  Our children LOVED this text, so we wrote an extensive and detailed ‘Text Based Unit’ to go alongside this Reading Unit (available in the Shop).
In this pack you will find 2 x whole class lessons (an hour long for each – or you can split them); an editable PowerPoint presentation; vocabulary focus; full planning using the KS2 Reading Domains; the task sheets; and the innovated word document texts – all ready to print. The original book is needed to enhance and compliment the learning.

Weeks 1 and 2 also available.