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Phonics – Early Years to Key Stage One – live using Zoom

The course is designed to support subject leaders, EYFS and KS1 teachers, HLTAs and teaching assistants with the teaching of phonics in line with the Letters and Sounds document used by many schools. The training will support staff in the teaching of the daily phonics lesson along with the application of the use of phonics and spellings in everyday writing. Resources will be provided as a part of the course fee, including The Teach Hub unique Phonic Charts 1-4 (R-Y2 or Phases 1 to 6) that interlink the National Curriculum spelling requirements with Letters and Sounds.

We are offering a discounted course fee – £30 per person instead of £80 for the course and unique ‘The Teach Hub’ resources.

Teaching Spellings using Phonics

Teaching Spellings using Phonics – live with The Teach Hub via Zoom.

The Teach Hub has been working hard to evolve to the current online climate, and we are now offering online courses for ‘Teaching Primary Spellings using Phonics’ via the Zoom Platform. This course focuses on the subject knowledge needed to teach spellings that are linked to phonics. We look at short and long vowels, syllables, consonants and how spelling patterns are formed from Year 1 – Year 6. This is a course that considers the foundations of spelling rules and phonic knowledge that are suitable for any age range.

We are again offering a steeply discounted course fee – £30 per person instead of £80 for the course and unique The Teach Hub resources. 

This course is open to any Primary School Teacher, Teaching Assistant, HLTA or anyone who is interested in Spellings!  

Each delegate will also receive the materials from the course as PowerPoint slides and some linked resources to use in the classroom, including our phonic mats for Year 1- Year 6 to use in their classroom.

Any schools that require ‘Spelling using Phonics’ training from EY to Y6 for their whole staff, please get in contact using the request form in the product listed below so that we can arrange this separately for you.

If any of my teacher friends need any support for spelling, I can’t recommend this course enough (produced by a specialist teacher/consultant at my school). Spellings are one of the main areas which are holding children back in writing. In order for children to get a good grasp of this and avoid forming bad habits, us as teachers need to get to grips with it too… starting right from the beginning. Take a look! ???✏️
It was by far the most informative and exciting course to date. We were buzzing. It will help so much with the kids that have the gaps in the phonics and the day-to-day assisting with spellings and writing – brilliant strategies from self-checking techniques to new ways for individuals to learn their own spellings so they don’t make the same mistakes.

Whole Class Reading

ONLINE Whole Class Reading Training via Zoom
The Teach Hub has been working hard to evolve to the current online climate, and we now offer live online courses for Primary Whole Class Reading via the Zoom Platform.
Due to the current situation that we find ourselves in, we are offering a greatly discounted course fee and a set of resources. 
Each delegate will also receive a set of resources and a code to purchase Whole Class Reading Unit from The Teach Hub to use in their classroom on completion of the course.
Any schools that require the training for their whole staff, please get in contact using the request form in the product listed below so that we can arrange this separately for you.

I would also like to add how pleased I am with the resources that I have ordered so far. I came across your website via Facebook and I feel really positive that our guided reading sessions are more focussed and varied. We are now reading the Giraffe the Pelly and me as our class reading book after doing your plans because the children enjoyed the extracts so much. I have just started to use the maths 5 a day tasks to help with fluency and they are fantastic.

Well I’ve had so many comments about how my children are reading with fluency and expression now!

My class has come on in leaps and bounds since using your resources. The discussions we have, focus and understanding are amazing. We had the best lesson this week using your elephant resources as part of our Africa topic.

Thank you ever so much, your resources are amazing, a great help and the children love them :) so relieved you could send them to me what an amazing service.

I’ve just started whole class reading this year with a mixed Year 3 and 4  class-wide range of abilities.  We’ve started with some Hubbard Consultancy files – has differentiated sheets, all with the same questions just different degrees of scaffolding.  Also, you don’t need multiple copies of the book!

Have a look at Hubbard Consultancy.  We’ve moved away from a carousel to the whole class and it’s been amazing! The plans are excellent and are £3 for 2 weeks.  I’ve seen a huge improvement in all attainment groups and no other adults needed.

The children enjoyed the activities, the challenges and they loved the book.  I liked the cross-curriculum activity of looking after the earth and using the key vocabulary in their own sentences.  The guided reading sessions were extremely well scaffolded, and I found it very easy and clear to follow.  A well thought through study of work.  Excellent planning Teach Hub!!

We just wanted to let you know what a massive impact your WCR CPD had for us. We have already been able to implement across school many of the resources you shared with us and as a result, we now have a far more connected approach. We have been able to apply the lesson plan that you outlined to all of Key Stage One and Two so it is a familiar process to all our children with the appropriate level of challenge at each stage. This process has helped increase the range of vocabulary to which are children are exposed and the range of reading techniques suit all types of learner. We have also purchased some of your WCR units and found them to be incredibly helpful – a definite for reducing our workload!

(Holly Grove Primary School, Staffs)

Ruth Katherine: I just wanted to thank Claire and Amy for the WCR course I attended on Zoom the other day. It was clear from the training that both Claire and Amy have an in-depth knowledge of both the process of WCR as well as being highly skilled and experienced at teaching this approach in a classroom setting. As a Headteacher I found it incredibly useful to be able to gain an overview of the rationale behind the programme. The explanations given clearly set the scene for WCR and how it aligns with the taught curriculum and within current assessment frameworks. From a leadership perspective this was reassuring to hear and answered some of my questions regarding the ‘why’ and ‘what’ steps a school would need to take to move from a carousel approach. It was evident that both Claire and Amy not only enjoy books but also have a wealth of knowledge about children’s authors. It was also clear through their explanations that, as current classroom teachers, they have a good working knowledge of WCR and they were able to talk honestly about both the benefits and challenges of this approach. The practical elements of the course involved exploring how a series of WCR sessions could be run and the way in which they are planned and managed within different classroom settings. Claire modelled some of the teaching approaches and opportunities were also available to then talk with other professionals. A wide range of resources were used and shared, during the session, to explain what is available to support the implementation of WCR throughout the primary phase. A thoroughly enjoyable and informative session. I would highly recommend it to both whole schools / Key Stages for a group CPD session or for individuals wishing to deepen their understanding of WCR. Thank you Claire and Amy.

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