Yr 1 Whole Class Reading Super Daisy


Peas with pizza, peas with ice cream and even peas with lemonade! A job for Super Daisy!

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Whole Class Reading resources and planning for Year 1 in a zip file based on Kes Gray’s  ‘Super Daisy’ book, focusing on retrieval, inference and prediction.

In this pack you will find 2 x ‘Whole Class’, full and detailed lessons plans ready to use (the lessons being an hour long – or you can split them to teach in shorter sessions throughout the week), an editable PowerPoint presentation; vocabulary focus throughout; the task sheets with differentiated scaffolding support at two levels and the texts all ready to print. These resources will support the teaching of reading at different abilities and will help to assess the reading skills of the pupils. The text has been adapted for this unit to use in the classroom. You will need to purchase this book to complete the unit.