Yr 2 Whole Class Reading Elephants


Teach the ‘Find and Copy’ Skills the pupils find difficult within this unit of work.

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Whole Class Reading resources and planning for Year 2 in a zip file based on a non-fiction text called ‘Elephants’ based on the skill ‘Find and Copy’. We created a unit to teach this skill explicitly as pupils often find this skill tricky. This unit will link perfectly to any ‘Africa’ or animal topic with much scope for written outcomes – such as writing their own non-chronological report or a letter to try and prevent ivory trade…

In this pack you will find a single whole class lesson (an hour-long – or you can split it); 4 inference warm-ups; an editable PowerPoint presentation; vocabulary focus throughout; planning using KS1 Reading Domains; the task sheet with two levels of scaffolding support and the texts all ready to print. These resources will show evidence for using vocabulary, but it will give pupils good practice at the SATs style questions of ‘Find and Copy’.

You will need to purchase this book to complete the unit.