Yr 2 Whole Class Reading Stubby


Stubby was a brave soldier, a loyal friend… and a dog. An incredible true story of Sergeant Stubby, the dog who served bravely in the First World War.

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Whole Class Reading resources and planning for Year 2 in a zip file based on Michael Foreman’s ‘Stubby’ book based on prediction, inference, visualisation, clarification, questioning and retrieval skills. This book is based on a wonderful true story about a stray dog befriending a training soldier during the First World War. The dog, Stubby, becomes a hero and is honoured with the rank of Sergeant.  There is a focus on narrative and non-narrative within this unit, with a text based on true facts. Comparison of texts is also explored in week two, supporting the pupils deeper understanding of reading to the Greater Depth standard.

In this pack you will find 2 x whole class lessons (an hour long for each – or you can split them), an editable PowerPoint presentation; vocabulary focus; the task sheets with scaffolding support, and the texts all ready to print. These lessons will hopefully help to assess the questioning skills of your Y2 class, showing understanding of the text.

You will need to purchase this book to complete the unit. Please note that for our KS1 units, we provide a text extract that differs from the actual book. It is against copyright to take and reproduce the text/pictures directly from a published book, so we always try to use our texts for the units based on the original. We always recommend that teachers have at least one copy of the book and read the original text with their pupils, then switch to the amended version that is based on the original.