Yr 2 Just One Text – Between Tick and Tock


A wonderful picture book about the importance of kindness, looking out for others and taking time to appreciate the world around you.

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An exciting unit of text-based work that motivates and enthuses pupils to discover more, with great links to a wide range of other curriculum areas in Year 2. This unit focuses directly on teaching using ‘Just One Text’ – Between Tick and Tock – a new, magically entrancing book written by Louise Greig and Ashling Lindsay. A high-quality, current text written in 2018 by the author of  ‘The Night Box’ and ‘Sweep’.  It shows the story of a girl carrying out acts of kindness to breathe colour, life and happiness back into a city that had been ‘wearing a frown’.  A story of a girl who stopped time…

These materials are based on current practice within our own Year 2 classrooms and we have included an extensive PowerPoint showing examples of how the unit can be used. This unit can be linked to Whole Class or Guided Reading, providing good opportunities to develop a range of reading skills; incidental writing opportunities; and an overall writing outcome at the end of the unit. There are opportunities to make comparisons, predict and infer – supporting greater depth with the expected standard of reading at Year 2.  Many of the reading activities in this unit are divided into 3 levels to allow for a range of abilities.

The unit has a wealth of adaptable,  planning and ideas alongside a complete pack of editable resources and ideas for ICT use. It allows teaching through a beautiful picture book: making learning accessible to all through a high-quality text. It also supports the learning of  Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling and Vocabulary in Year 2.

Teach using  ‘Just One Text’ – a magical journey through a book…Enjoy!!

(The author and illustrator are very supportive of the use of their text).