KS1 Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar activities and resources


A comprehensive pack of ideas and resources to teach Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar in Key Stage One.

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Comprehensive word documents and 90+ task/information sheets filled with explanations, pictures, ideas and a host of activities to teach Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar for the whole of Key Stage One. Activities are matched closely to the end of KS1 requirements including, Working Towards, Working At and Working at Greater Depth of the Expected Standard.  Nearly all of the activities are text-based with age appropriate books to support learning in context and are easily adaptable for other books. Teachers who have trialled some of these activities are pleased to see their children motivated and eager to write.  Suitable for use as a whole class, groups or as intervention in Years 1 or 2. They are especially appealing to those reluctant writers.

Other year groups are also available (Just Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4, Lower KS2 joint unit and UKS2 joint unit).

The resources and activities (and many more) relevant to each year group, are provided on our Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar courses. Only a few examples of the pages are shown.

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